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September 30, 2013:
HTC 3D EVO Released. and nobody bought it except this one guy I know.


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The HTC EVO 3D, reviewed briefly here, has a 4.3 inch screen and dual core processing power. Dual Cameras capture images and video in 3D and can export to 3DTV sets by way of HDMI cables. This phone will set the standard until someone can improve the viewing angle issue .

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June 24, 2011. We got our hands on an HTC Evo 3D so here's a quick review: The phone is good, but the glasses-free 3D has the same problem as the Nintendo 3DS. You have to hold and look at a very specific arm length and angle to see the three dimensional effect. Aside from that, the phone is pretty cool! You can take pictures of everyday objects and get three dimensional images that are very realistic and life-like! Even a bag of M&Ms on a table suddenly looks like the real thing, which is not only a good indicator of the 3D effect but also that the screen itself is pretty darn good! Naturally you may be asking about things like the battery life and call quality, but we haven't had the 3D Evo long enough to tell you how well the new battery is working. We can tell you that the dual-core processor speeds things along nicely. Stay tuned, loyal readers!

3D Mobile Phones may be the next wave in phone technology. With screens that can be enjoyed without the use of special glasses, 3-D technology makes it possible to better use games, augmented reality apps, and other visual applications which can use 3-D to help people understand their environment, or just have a good time! 3-D displays for mobile phones are likely to be similar to Nintendo's 3DS technology so users can get a full 3D experience from their devices. If everything goes according to schedule, you should be able to get 3D phones from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, plus many other carriers.

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Special note: There are many manufacturers that are looking to get into the 3D mobile market, including Motorola, Nokia, and Blackberry.